The importance of child well-checks for the health of the whole family

Austin Regional Clinic has seen 25 percent of their pediatric patients skip their annual wellness checks this year compared to the same time last year, with parents either too concerned about the pandemic to visit the doctor's office or unable to fit in an appointment in their drastically different schedules.

Dr. Elizabeth Knapp, ARC Associate Chief of Pediatrics spoke with KEYE News recently, saying that this could cause a problem for young children still in the process of getting their vaccines. Dr. Knapp said, “I do think the checkups provide a very important touch points with a family, both with vaccinations and routine screenings that we do. When you are behind on your vaccinations, it can leave your child vulnerable - and yourself as well - to vaccination-preventable diseases.”

Dr. Knapp also pointed out that beyond staying current with vaccinations; child well-checks provide your children’s physician with an opportunity to assess growth, development, and other issues. "We also do screens for school-age behavior issues or learning problems, and of course anxiety and depression,” said Dr. Knapp. “We've seen a number of cases of kids who have been affected by the pandemic in that way, as well.”

In this interview, Dr. Knapp assures parents that ARC has strict protocols in place to disinfect all surfaces, and separate patients who are sick. She also said that it is important adults keep up with their annual checkups as well, especially when it comes to cancer screenings. See the full interview online on the Austin CBS News website.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Knapp or any ARC Pediatrician, call 512-272-4636 or book an appointment online at For the added convenience for our patients and parents, ARC Pediatrics also offers child well-check appointments on weekday evenings and weekends at all five of our ARC After Hours Clinics.

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