The best care is tailored to the patient’s needs

We are pleased to welcome David B. Udall, MD, Family Medicine, to the Same-Day Care team at ARC Far West.

“I chose a career in family medicine because I liked being able to help people with a wide variety of problems from the cradle to their final days,” says Dr. Udall. “Every patient is unique, and the best care comes from a primarily evidence-based approach tailored to the individual’s personality, needs, and circumstances.”

Keeping health issues from developing

“Preventive health generally gives patients more benefit dollar for dollar than trying to treat an out-of-control problem or its complications,” says Dr. Udall when asked about his best health tip. “It’s worth it, even when seemingly healthy, to get established with a primary care physician and get individually tailored recommendations to keep health issues from developing to begin with.”

When talking about his medical interests, Dr. Udall adds, “I’m a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine and I really enjoy travel medicine and treatment and prevention of outdoor related illnesses and injuries.”

In his free time, Dr. Udall says he likes, “Spending time with my kids and partner, travel, hiking, rockhounding, gardening, breeding cacti, and cooking.”

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic Dr. Udall!

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