Dr. Serena Hon - Family Medicine on Smart Phones

Text Message Appointment Reminders Are Here!

Text messages are great. They allow us to get important information out quickly while allowing us to continue with our busy schedules. That’s why we’ve implemented text message appointment reminders at ARC, just make sure we have your cell phone number on file:

Update on MyChart

  • Log on to MyChart
  • Click the Preferences tab
  • Click Change Demographics
  • Add your cell phone number in the Mobile Phone field
  • Select mobile phone as your preferred phone
  • Click Accept Changes!

Update Online

  • Visit ARCcontact.com
  • Select Personal Information Update from the “This is A” field
  • Input your personal information including your mobile phone number
  • Select mobile phone as your preferred phone
  • Click Submit!

Update at Booking

  • Ask the phone scheduler to add your cell phone # to your record.

ARC appointment reminders and confirmation text messages. That’s ARC Access!

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