Surgical Options for Breast Cancer

When it comes to surgery to remove breast cancer, says Dr. Jinnie A. BruceGeneral Surgeon at ARC Medical Plaza Specialty, ARC Round Rock, and ARC Far West Medical Tower, you have options. Dr. Bruce recently discussed these options on this ARC Healthcare Minute podcast.

“Your options will depend on a few things,” says Dr. Bruce, “the size and location of the lump or tumor, the type of breast cancer, the size of your breast, if the cancer has spread, and your preference.” In this podcast, Dr. Bruce also discusses the main types of breast surgery.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Bruce to discuss your options, you can do so online or by calling the clinic most convenient to you:

ARC Medical Plaza Specialty

ARC Round Rock

ARC Far West Medical Tower

For more health tips from ARC doctors, tune into the weekly ARC Healthcare Minute which airs on KLBJ News Radio 590AM/99FM. You can also listen to podcasts from past episodes on the ARC website.

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