Pediatrician Cares for Two People During Each Visit: Your Child and You

“In pediatrics, we're taking care of two people every time someone comes in, it's the parent as well as the patient,” pediatrician Dr. Anna (Liz) Holliman said. Learn how she ensures everyone is cared for during visits with her at ARC Kelly Lane.

Relieving Your Child’s Anxieties About the Visit

When you arrive for your child’s visit with Dr. Holliman, your child may be anxious about the experience of being somewhere new or even ask you about getting shots.

“My approach to practicing medicine is listening,” Dr. Holliman said. She takes cues from your child and you. Once she puts your child at ease, it will in turn do the same for the whole family.

Long-Term Relationship Building

“My goal for my patients is to help them from birth until 18,” Dr. Holliman said.

This long-term care that starts from birth and through childhood, adolescents, and then young adulthood is a journey.

Dr. Holliman’s honored to be a part of that journey and hold your hand, guide you through moments when decisions need to be made about your growing child’s care, and through graduation from high school.

“I think I've always enjoyed having a relationship with families,” Dr. Holliman said. “And to have that relationship is very special.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Anna (Liz) Holliman's video biography to learn about her childhood desire to become a doctor, and how she carries that care into visits with you and your child at ARC Kelly Lane.

Meet Dr. Holliman

If you would like an appointment for your child with Dr. Holliman or you would like to meet her before the birth of your child:

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