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Paul Overcomes His Diabetes Challenges with ARC

When Paul D. was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes five years ago, he struggled to make lifestyle changes to stabilize his health.

By November 2017, Paul had gained weight and found himself in a “rut.” “We had a lot of stuff going on with work and family and I really got out of my normal routine so much so that I didn’t even care.”

The Perfect Partnership

In mid-November Paul received a phone call from ARC nurse navigator, Shawntell Thomas, RN. Shawntell noticed that Paul missed a few appointments. “I reached out to him to see what was going on and if there was some way that I could support him,” Shawntell says.

Shortly after that call, Paul saw Dr. Pegany, MDInternal Medicine at ARC Cedar Park, and, as expected, his glucose levels were high. Paul marvels at the support he received from Dr. Pegany and Shawntell.

“They said ‘Paul, you really need to turn this around. How can we help you do that?’” Paul remembers. “Their engagement really got me going.” By his next appointment, Paul’s glucose levels had dropped substantially.

Today, Paul is happy, healthier, and enjoying a much higher quality of life with his family. Watch Paul's story.

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