Partners in Healthcare

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Jennifer T. Foster MSN, RN, FNP-C, has joined the team as a Medicare Wellness Provider at ARC Quarry Lake, offering Medicare Wellness Assessments.

Of becoming a nurse, Jennifer says, “Nursing is such an amazing career because of all the different practice specialties and roles that a nurse can perform. Nursing as a caregiving profession merges with the science of medicine to satisfy my intellectual curiosity and my desire to help others.” She adds, “I chose to become an advanced practice nurse so that I could develop deeper relationships with my patients as a collaborator in their health and wellness journeys.”

Jennifer says that her philosophy of medicine is rooted in partnership. She says, “I believe providers and patients are partners in health care. I respect that every patient is coming from a different place in their life’s journey. The definitions of health and wellness can mean different things to different people.”

Health Maintenance and General Wellness

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys family, travel and friends. She says, “We love to travel to new places together and see historical sites and landmarks. I enjoy volunteering at my son’s school.” She adds, “We also enjoy just spending time with friends and neighbors in our cul-de-sac in the evenings.”

Jennifer’s health tips include, “Keeping current with recommended screenings and vaccinations is a vital part to health maintenance and general wellness. I feel this empowers patients and helps them be more proactive and engaged participants in their healthcare.”

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Jennifer!

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