New, Easier Payment Options for You... Coming Soon

Better Customer Service, Better Convenience, and Better Access.

Healthcare billing can be downright confusing and frustrating! What and how much is covered by your insurance plan depends on your plan’s benefits. Yet, knowing exactly what is in those benefits can seem like you’re reading another language.

Thanks to your feedback, we are implementing changes to make the payment experience better for you — better customer service, better convenience, and better access.

New Conveniences Start July 1

On July 1, ARC Patient Accounts team members will service all new payment inquiries, and we’ve expanded our team to replace our third-party vendor. We’ll also roll out the new payment conveniences below:

  • Easier online payment options.
    Pay online 24/7/365 at

  • Extended hours to pay over the phone.
    Call 512-407-8686 to pay over the phone with an ARC Patient Accounts Liaison
    7:30am–8:30pm, Monday through Friday, and 8am–5pm on weekends.

  • Text reminders.
    It’s easy to forget a bill… and don’t you get enough emails?!

Easier, simpler payment options, including paperless billing, so you can spend time on doing things you want to do.

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