Mount Your Best Defense – Get a Flu Shot

Summer is almost over, which means it’s time again for football and … flu. And while we can’t help with defense on the field, ARC is here to help you defend against the flu.

Get a flu shot. It’s the single best way to defend yourself against the flu—every year. Check out the schedule to find a location close to you.

You can also protect yourself by:

  • Washing your hands.
  • Coughing into your sleeve.
  • Staying home if you have a fever.

Why mount such an intense defense against the flu?

Seasonal influenza, or “the flu,” is a serious contagious disease that affects the nose, throat, and lungs. Each year 5% – 20% of the US population gets the flu, and nearly 200,000 people are hospitalized from complications. The flu vaccine can keep you healthy. This year’s flu shot fights 4 strains expected to spread this flu season.

What does it mean that it’s a contagious disease?

When a person has the flu and coughs, sneezes, or talks, the germs can spread up to 6 feet away into the mouths, noses, or lungs of people who are nearby. Symptoms start one to four days after the virus enters the body, so you can pass on the flu to someone else before and while you are sick. Adults are contagious beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 5 - 7 days after becoming sick. Children may pass the virus for longer than 7 days.

Who should get the flu shot?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends everyone 6 months and older get the flu vaccine. It takes two weeks for your body to develop the protective antibodies, and the vaccine lasts throughout the entire season, for up to a year. For this reason, the CDC recommends you get the flu vaccine as soon as it’s available – which is now!

What’s True About the Flu?

There has recently been some false information circulating on the internet about the dangers of the flu vaccine and vaccine effectiveness. Read our Debunking Flu Vaccine Myths fact sheet for more information.

Make an appointment at a flu shot clinic at an ARC near you!

ARC offers the flu vaccine to established and non-established patients. Check out the schedule to find a location close to you and book an appointment at ARCappointments.com.

Your best defense this fall – get a flu shot.

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