Manor Physician Takes a ‘Less is More’ Approach to Your Care


Being in a community and knowing generations of patients is what made Dr. Farron Hunt “[fall] in love with being the small town community doctor and getting to truly know all my patients.” Watch her biography video to learn more about her practice at ARC Manor.

Your Community Doctor

As a family medicine doctor, Dr. Hunt is able to see all the members of your family: kids, parents, and grandparents too.

This level of connection also gives her the ability to gather more context for each patient, allowing her to provide an extra level of care.

Shared History for Better Care

Another asset of seeing a family medicine doctor is the ability to develop a relationship over time.

“I know the patient, I've seen them several times and they know me. And there's just more progress that can be made when we're together,” Dr. Hunt said about the care that comes from a long, shared history with patients.

Comfort and Listening

“Make them feel comfortable and then make sure that they feel heard so that we can get to the bottom of whatever is really going on,” Dr. Hunt said is her approach to caring for you.

She then uses the information learned from talking to you to “make an effective plan moving forward.”

“My overall goal is less is more,” said Dr. Farron HuntFamily Medicine physician at ARC Manor. Her aim is “to do what's truly necessary and to do what's safe” to guide you to better health.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Farron Hunt’s video biography to learn more about her approach to care that can encompass all your family members. You can also make an appointment to see her at ARC Manor.

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