Orthopedic Jeffrey R. Buterbaugh at ARC Medical Park Tower, Cedar Park Building B, and Round Rock

Listen. Explain. Provide the best care possible

We are pleased to announce that Jeffrey R. Buterbaugh, PA-C, CAQ-OS, has joined the ARC Orthopedics team at three locations: ARC Medical Park Tower Orthopedics, ARC Round Rock, and ARC Cedar Park Bldg. B.

“I have always felt called to work in medicine and it is truly a blessing for me to help others,” says Jeffrey. “I find every day in medicine brings a new challenge and I am excited to treat my patients through their ups and downs. Orthopedics allows me to reduce my patients’ pain and improve their quality of life.”

Improving patient’s pain

“My approach to medicine is to be a good listener first, try and explain everything on a level that my patients understand, and provide a level of care that exceeds what my patients expect,” says Jeffrey. “I truly wish to provide the best possible level of care to each one of my patients.”

Jeffrey continues, “I have love working in orthopedics with an emphasis on joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery is one of the fastest growing areas of orthopedics and I am excited to improve my patients’ pain through surgical and nonsurgical treatments.”

“Use it or lose it” seems to be a very basic idea but I have seen over my years of experience that the patients who function the best and maintain good pain control, keep the highest level of activity. I encourage everyone to keep moving and modify if needed but to never stop pushing themselves”

In his free time, Jeffrey says, “I love spending time outside with my four children, my wife, and my dogs. I love being active and I am extremely competitive, as my family knows on board game nights!”

Make an appointment today

For Orthopedic appointments, call ARC Medical Park Tower Orthopedics at 512-454-4561, ARC Round Rock at 512-244-9024 or ARC Cedar Park Building B at 512-259-3467.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Jeffrey.

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