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Leading by example

In late December 2020, when physicians in the Austin area began receiving the COVID-19 vaccine Farron C. Hunt, MDFamily Medicine at ARC Manor was among the early recipients. Dr. Hunt is not only in Group 1A by virtue of being a physician, she is also immunocompromised. She said, “It was unexpected, and a pleasant surprise and I was able to get one of the vaccines.”

For Dr. Hunt, being among the first to get the vaccine was not just important because of her health and employment status, but also to set an example for Black Americans skeptical about taking the vaccine. “I acknowledge that we’ve had a painful past with experimentation and people of color,” said Dr. Hunt in this interview on CBS Austin News. “We didn’t always have a choice in our participation in the advancement of science.”

But, regarding the safety of this vaccine, Dr. Hunt added, “The research that’s been conducted in the safety and efficacy of these vaccines is sound and secure and it’s been fairly transparent.”

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