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Kick start a healthier lifestyle for the entire family

During uncertain times, we all seek a sense of control. During self-quarantine, one of the simplest things you can control that will also help boost your mood and your energy level is the food you eat. A lifestyle change can affect your entire family.

ARC makes it easy with ARC Healthiness, a lifestyle change program that offers a custom eating plan as well as a team of health guides, health coaches, dietitians, and physicians providing ongoing support, education, and dietary and exercise counseling.

  • ARC Healthiness + Ideal Protein is a medically developed four-phase plan for weight loss that incorporates partial meal-replacement plans for people, ages 18 and up, who want to lose 30-40 pounds.
  • ARC Healthiness + Optifast is a medically supervised total meal replacement plan for people, ages 18 and up, who want to lose 50-60 pounds.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is an evidence-based medical approach to treating certain chronic conditions through the use of an individually tailored nutrition plan. This nutrition plan is ordered and approved by a primary care physician and implemented by a registered dietitian.
  • ARC Healthiness for Teens is a modified Ideal Protein meal plan, for patients age 13 and up. This plan focuses on portion size, food choices, and incorporating more vegetables along with increasing physical activity. Patients meet with a physician and health coach. Drs. Anupama Lakshmikanth, ARC Far West; Marjan Linnell, ARC Kyle Plum Creek; and Caroline Camosy, ARC Southwest offer this program. You can book directly with them for more info.

Call 512-483-9595 to find out more about the program what meal replacement program may be right for you and your family.

Start now and lock down a better quarantine meal routine.

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