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Katie Lost 75 Pounds With Help From ARC

Lose Weight With Doctor Support, Group Meetings, and More

Imagine losing weight with the support of a doctor and a counselor, among a group of people that are doing it with you–that’s what the ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST® Program offers you.

Katie, a past graduate, says, “It's a wonderful, wonderful program. I lost weight in other programs, but couldn't maintain it. With this program, I have maintained [the weight loss]. This is not a diet—it's a life-long commitment.”

Success: 75 Pounds* in 22 Weeks

Katie lost 75 pounds* at the end of the 22-week program. At her new weight of 190 pounds, she exceeded her goal of getting below 200 pounds. And, she said her energy level increased while her dress size decreased from to size 20 to size 12.

She did this by following the OPTIFAST meal-replacement program, attending weekly meetings, and trusting the guidance of Dr. Hillary Miller.

The Key to Losing Weight: Meal Replacement

The ARC Weight Management program is a medically-monitored, meal-replacement weight loss program. The program has over 30 years of success helping Austinites like Katie lose weight, and keep it off.

“I selected the ARC OPTIFAST program because it takes away all food choices for 16 weeks. I didn't want to think about food for a while. I wanted to drink the shakes and concentrate on how and why I got the way I did,” Katie says.

Doctor Support for Your Weight Loss

Dr. Hillary Miller has led the 30-year program its entire tenure, helping patients from as far away as San Antonio.

Katie appreciated the support she received, saying that her visits with Dr. Miller were helpful because, “I need someone honest to tell me what needs to be done. I like Dr. Miller a lot because she doesn't sugar coat anything.”

Understanding Overeating

The counselor-led weekly group meetings will help you explore the emotional reasons you may be overeating.

For Katie, her shyness at social events often led to overeating. “If I was eating, I didn't have to talk,” she says. During the program, Katie learned ways to engage more with her friends and family, and how to prevent overeating.

Group Meetings

Perhaps most essential for Katie were the ongoing group meetings that kept her on track, inspired, and accountable. “We shared ideas and tips and we lift each other up. I learned about new seasonings, new food preparations, and new gadgets.”

Weight management patients can continue to attend group meetings after completing the program, which Katie plans to do. This is a free benefit for all program graduates.

Free Consultation to Lose Weight, With Support

If you’re ready to lose weight, and keep it off, complete the information form or call 512-231-5130 to set up your free consultation with the ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST® Program.

*ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 50 pounds with weight-loss related improvements in blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

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