In Community Impact: Post-Surgery ‘Video Visit’ Impresses ARC Patient

ARC’s Dr. Christopher Bailey is among a growing number of physicians experimenting with telemedicine to offer more convenience to patients.

For his healthy patients undergoing non-complex procedures, they may choose to have their post-operative consultation in the comfort of their home via telemedicine video instead of driving to see him at an ARC clinic.

The video visit experience of one of his patients was recounted in a recent Community Impact story. The patient showed him how her incision was healing at that moment, in real time, without having first to get in a car, drive (or be driven) to the ARC clinic, sit in a waiting room and deal with any related concerns – such as child care.

As the patient noted in the story, “The convenience factor for someone who can’t travel well (and) who has small kids to care for … was amazing.”

And even without seeing the patient in person, Dr. Bailey still could effectively determine her progress.

ARC anticipates follow up “video visits” for routine procedures becoming popular with patients; differentiating ARC and its providers in an increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace; cutting healthcare costs – and eventually becoming an accepted standard of care.

Post-surgery consultation is just one of several ways ARC has been testing and using telemedicine to go to the patient rather than have the patient come to the clinic. In 2017, ARC launched eMD Access, a telemedicine service for non-emergency care currently offered to employees and some local health plans.

“We’re looking to the future,” Dr. Bailey told Community Impact. “We’re making an investment.”

Read the full Community Impact story here.

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