Guiding patients to make healthy decisions is the best reward

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Kumari K. Godigamuwa, MDFamily Medicine physician, has joined the team at ARC Quarry Lake. Dr. Godigamuwa says that she did an externship with Dr. Michelle Markley prior to her residency, and “After working with her for one week I was convinced that I had to come back to work at ARC as a primary care provider.”

“I can’t imagine doing anything other than primary care,” says Dr. Godigamuwa. “I enjoy working together as a team with my patients; guiding them to make healthy decisions to improve their quality of life is very rewarding to me.”

Explaining her philosophy of practice, Dr. Godigamuwa says, “I believe that practicing medicine is simply more than trying to reach a diagnosis, it is crucial to treat the person, not merely the disease.” She adds, “I recognize that mental health and physical health are the two sides that make up a perfect coin!”

Each patient is unique

“Each patient is unique with their individual goals and needs,” says Dr. Godigamuwa. “I like to incorporate preventive care, nutrition and mindfulness, and de-prescribing when possible as my practicing philosophy.”

When giving her patients health advice, Dr. Godigamuwa says, “Prevention saves lives, you are the best judge of your body, get your age appropriate screening done in a timely manner. This will save you in the long run!”

In her free time, Dr. Godigamuwa enjoys yoga and meditation, saying “I believe a healthy mind promotes a healthy body.” She also enjoys hiking with her family, travelling, and exploring different cultures and the food scene, “or just unwinding with a good cup of tea and a good movie after a long day.”

Dr. Godigamuwa is welcoming new and established patients to her practice. For appointments with Dr. Godigamuwa at ARC Quarry Lake, call 512-338-8388 or make an appointment online.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Godigamuwa!

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