From a College Injury to Helping with You with Your Injuries

After an injury in college, Dr. Jerett Zipin, ARC Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine, wanted to learn to heal his injuries and help you when you feel like no one can help, or hasn’t been able to help yet. Learn more about how he does this at ARC Kelly Lane.

Listening to Your Story

“The most important thing,” Dr. Zipin said, “is to listen to the patient.”

He believes listening it’s a lost art: “I think you can get so much information from just spending a few extra minutes and listening to the patient.” With the information that you share with him, Dr. Zipin is often able to develop a treatment plan that can help.

Confidence that You Will Heal

“My favorite thing is taking difficult, challenging cases and figuring them out,” Dr. Jerett Zipin said. “And give patients the confidence that [their injury] is going to get better. That if you do this treatment, you're going to be alright.”

College Pain, Your Gain

In this pain to gain scenario, the pain started with Dr. Zipin during college when a series of injuries took him out of athletics. To find relief, he began working with physical therapists and other medical professionals and soon became “fascinated watching them take care of not only my own conditions but also other patients.”

He adds, “I really wanted to figure out not only how to help myself, but really how to fix everybody that was having similar problems. That brought me into sports medicine.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Jerett Zipin's video biography to learn more about how listens to help find a treatment plan that can help you begin to heal. You can also request an appointment to see him at ARC Kelly Lane.

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