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Electronic Medical Records: Good for Patients and Providers

Dr. Anas Daghestani’s Interview with Becker’s Health IT

Electronic medical records (EMR) has been the target of criticism among many healthcare providers. We see it differently. At ARC, we find EMR has offered patients conveniences they never had before and providers useful data in managing their patients care.

Dr. Anas Daghestani, ARC Internist and Director of Population Health and Clinical Quality, discussed the benefits of ARC’s EMR with Becker’s Health IT, a leading source of healthcare news.

One advantage, explained Dr. Daghestani, are alerts for patients and providers. ARC’s EMR system notifies physicians at the time of the patient visit if the individual needs to complete an important health screening such as a mammogram. Similar alerts have been developed for patients. Those with access to ARCs patient portal called MyChart can see if they are due for a flu shot, colonoscopy, blood test or other screenings.

Said Dr. Daghestani, “Making that information available to the patient on an individual level and the physician on a system level measures how we're doing so that we can assess where and how to invest resources.”

Full article: The upside of EHRs: 3 physicians' perspectives on what they get right

Are you an ARC patient and not yet signed up for MyChart? Ask your doctor about it at your next appointment.

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