Dr. Mason on KXAN: Is Sunscreen Safe?

In sunny Central Texas, sunscreen is a regular habit for protecting ourselves from skin cancers, which is a growing public health issue.

However, a recent small study from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) brought into question safety concerns regarding chemicals in certain sunscreens, finding that some chemicals can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

That has locals scratching their heads wondering, is sunscreen safe? Dr. Amy MasonDermatologist at ARC Far West Medical Tower, discussed this topic with KXAN-TV.

When asked about the study results, Dr. Mason explained that, while it does make her a little concerned and interested in further study, the benefits of sunscreen far outweigh the risks.

"At this point, we know sunscreens are very protective and prevent skin cancer, and even at the end of the study they say we should continue using sunscreen," said Dr. Mason in her interview with KXAN.

This note from the FDA accompanied the study: “The fact that an ingredient is absorbed through the skin and into the body does not mean the ingredient is unsafe. Rather, this finding calls for further testing.”

Dr. Mason points out that skin cancer is on the rise. In fact, it is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the US. The best way to prevent skin cancer is to protect yourself from the sun.

Sun Safety Tips

  • Don’t rely on just sunscreen. If you’re out in the sun, wear protective clothing such as hats, sun guards, and long sleeve shirts.
  • If you are concerned about the ingredients of your sunscreen, look for sunscreens with Zinc or Titanium.
  • Spray sunscreen is okay. But be sure to keep it away from the face so you, or whomever you’re applying it to, don’t inhale the spray.

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