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Dr. Jacqueline Champlain Featured in New Colon Cancer Prevention Campaign

Dr. Jacqueline Champlain, Family Medicine physician at ARC Manor, recently talked with Harry Connick, Jr., to help promote Cologuard®,  an option for colon cancer screening. “Colon cancer is almost entirely preventable,” says Dr. Champlain in her conversation with Connick.  “When it is detected early, colon cancer is almost 90% treatable.”  Dr. Champlain discusses the Cologuard screening test with Connick in a new campaign for Cologuard, www.thenew50.com, emphasizing the importance of colon cancer screening at age 50 and over.

ARC has prescribed Cologuard, when appropriate, for patients at average risk  for over two years. The screening test, covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare, is an effective option, but is not a substitute for colonoscopies in high--risk patients. “Talk to your doctor,” says Dr. Champlain, about colon cancer screening options.

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