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Dr. Chenven Highlights Central Texas’ Innovative Healthcare Atmosphere

Technology that is dramatically changing Central Texas is reflected in new, local healthcare approaches, innovative partnerships and patient “must haves.”

Austin Regional Clinic’s Founding CEO, Dr. Norman Chenven, was among local healthcare leaders who spoke during SXSW’s Health & MedTech track about how the Austin area’s growth as a technology innovation hub helps healthcare providers innovate to provide better services to a fast-growing population.

‘Ahead of the Curve’

Innovative approaches to care delivery are emerging nationwide, “but Austin may be a foot or two ahead of the curve,” Chenven observed in a Modern Healthcare news report.

He also recalled how the local tech landscape was quite different when he moved to Central Texas in 1973.

“There were a couple of technology companies in Austin, but it was more industrial technology,” Chenven recalled. That changed in the 1980s when “all of a sudden, Austin was on the map.”

“Having Dell, which started with Michael Dell hand-building computers in his (University of Texas) dorm – it created a lot of excitement,” he said. “Dell grew into a monster company very rapidly.”

‘National Healthcare Innovation Hub’

Chenven also is vice chair of the Austin Healthcare Council, which brings together more than 50 entities, including hospitals, insurers, consultancies, tech firms, venture capitalists and others “bound together by a vision to establish Austin as a national healthcare innovation hub,” Modern Healthcare notes.

Gus Cardenas, the council’s CEO and co-founder, noted, “Our platform is for cross-pollination of ideas. Our challenge is to find the right blend of the (healthcare, entrepreneur and technology) sectors.”

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