Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

We may be making back to school plans, but Austin still has plenty of hot, sunny days left. With skin cancer on the rise, it’s important to protect yourself from the sun.

Unsure what sunscreen is best for you? Dr. Steven E. Rasmussen, Dermatologist at ARC Southwest, can recommend the right sunscreen for every member of your family and every activity you might enjoy for the remainder of the summer. Book a free consultation today.

Remember these basic tips for sun safety:

  • Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside or swimming.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours. Also reapply after swimming or sweating.
  • Don’t rely on just sunscreen. If you’re out in the sun, wear protective clothing such as hats, sun guards, and long sleeve shirts.
  • Use sunscreen even when it’s cloudy.

ARC Cosmetic Dermatology offers several services to care for your face and body.

Book your free consultation to find out more.

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