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Continuity of care is the goal of a primary care physician

In this recent interview with Austin Fit Magazine, says Manshi Valluri Mallepogu MDInternal Medicine at ARC Quarry Lake talks about the importance of having a primary care doctor (PCP) in your life.

“The problem is, some people who do not have a need to visit a primary care physician once every three months think they don’t need a PCP, because they are still young and seemingly healthy,” Dr. Mallepogu says. “I have seen many patients who come in for the first time with one problem, but I always make sure they come back for a physical exam to make sure there are not any more underlying health problems they may be dealing with.”

In addition to underscoring the importance a PCP plays in the health of patients, Dr. Mallepogu also gives some insightful tips into selecting the right PCP for you. To find a PCP, Dr. Mallepogu recommends looking at each potential doctor’s education history, patient reviews and physician’s background, but the best way to find a fit is to visit the clinic. “It is normal for patients to be a little anxious on their first visit, because you don’t know much about the doctor and you may be worried about what the doctor might find,” she says.

Even if someone is healthy, it is important to still attend annual check-ups in order to maintain good health now and in the future. “The most important thing about primary care is the continuity of care,” says Dr. Mallepogu.

Do you have a PCP? Establish care today! Make an appointment with Dr. Mallepogu today at ARCBookNow or by calling ARC Quarry Lake at 512-338-8388.

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