Collaboration and empowerment are the goals

We are happy to welcome Susan Brooke Taylor, APRN, MSN, WHCNP-BCOb/Gyn to the team at ARC Medical Plaza Specialty.

“The best part of my practice is building relationships with my patients,” says Brooke. “I enjoy working with patients to trouble shoot and treat their medical issues.” She adds, “I also enjoy collaborating with them in their care and empowering them to make decisions about their health and treatment.”

“I am interested in psychiatric issues or problems in women’s health care,” says Brooke when discussing her areas of medical interest. “I am always willing to see someone with manageable symptoms and start them on medication as well as a plan of care if she is unable to make an appointment with a psychiatric provider.”

Helping patients make informed decisions

“I have a strong interest in hereditary cancer screening.,” says Brooke. “I make a point to ask my patients about their genetic history and screen them if they qualify for testing. I am passionate about my patients obtaining this knowledge so that they are able to make informed decisions about their healthcare moving forward.”

When asked for her favorite health tips, Brooke answers, “In pregnancy and postpartum, walk frequently if possible. It helps with blood sugar control, weight management, and most importantly, our mental health! Being outdoors in nature and fresh air can greatly improve your mood. Also, vit D each day with sun exposure can help with mood, bone health, and boost one’s immune system.”

In her free time, Brooke says, “I love to travel, read, antique and thrift shop. I have a special interest in home décor and fabrics. I also have a puppy named Winn Dixie that we adopted recently after moving to Texas.”

Make an appointment today

Brooke is welcoming new patients. To make an appointment, go online or call ARC Medical Plaza Specialty at 512-260-1581.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Brooke!

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