Check In During Your Child’s Check Up

You likely need to schedule a physical for your child to meet school requirements, but don’t overlook this opportunity to check in on your child’s overall wellness.

Evening and Saturday appointments are available for well-check exams now through August for patients returning to school in the fall, ages 5-18 only. Book online now.

Wellness checks are a good time to seek medical expertise on kids’ physical and “inner” wellness. Too often behavioral or learning problems go undetected without regular follow up with a doctor who knows your child. The issues may include depression, learning disorders, or anxieties stemming from various concerns.

Inner wellness

One particularly concerning headline: a recent study led by a Harvard Medical School researcher found that suicide rates among young people continue to increase and reached their highest point since 2000 for all 15- to 19-year-olds and for males age 20 to 24.

One sobering total: 6,241 suicides nationwide among young people ages 15-24.

Pediatricians and other physicians can provide expert guidance and observations related to physical health such as immunization updates and tracking growth and development. They also can provide information on your child’s nutrition, physical fitness, how to manage emergencies and illnesses and general health and safety concerns.

But, parents should also look to wellness exams to get expert medical guidance on:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Learning difficulties
  • Emotional issues
  • Family stress and
  • Puberty and related teenage matters.

Do Your Homework

Ahead of time, jot down your concerns so you don’t forget to bring them up with your child’s physician. Consider emailing them to your provider beforehand so that your doctor can consider them and address concerns with your child during the wellness exam.

Children are allowed to talk to their doctors privately, without a parent, starting at age 12. Giving them this freedom, allows your child to bring up concerns that they find easier to discuss with a doctor and without a parent or guardian. If your child is age 12 or over, let him or her know that this is their appointment, too, and they’ll have a chance to ask questions privately if they want to.

You may also want to talk privately for a few minutes with the doctor after the exam. If this is case, alert office staff beforehand so you can arrange a place for your child to wait for you in the office.

As new studies continue to show, wellness is more than skin deep — don’t miss this opportunity to visit with your pediatrician and understand your child even better.

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Evening and Saturday appointments are available for well-check exams now through August for patients returning to school in the fall, ages 5-18 only. Book online now.



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