Championing Black mothers and babies

In a recent discussion on the Science Vs podcast, Crystal S. Berry-Roberts, MD, MBA, FACOGObstetrics/Gynecology (Ob/Gyn) at ARC South OB, talked about the challenges for Black mothers and their babies during childbirth.

Childbirth for Black mothers and newborns

A CDC study of more than 2,000 women giving birth in the US found that of those who had their babies in a hospital, almost one in three women felt like they were treated badly there … that doctors seem to be especially bad at taking care of Black people during childbirth.

Dr. Berry-Roberts responded, “Black women are thought to be these super people that should be able to deal with every level of pain, anything that comes their way, they can handle it.”

Another study showed that when a Black newborn has a Black doctor, that baby is more likely to survive, compared to if the doctor is white. Dr. Berry-Roberts said, “I'm a Black mother of two children, ages 4 and 7. So it hasn’t been that long ago that I had newborns. And to know that newborns that look like mine, have a higher risk of dying based on whether or not the physician looks like them, it's disheartening, it’s unfair, it's unjust, and it’s another reminder of the deep permeation of systemic racism. Let’s just call it what it is. And this happened, we’re talking about hours into this world.”

Black Mamas ATX

Dr. Berry-Roberts is actively involved Black Mamas ATX, founded in 2018, to ensure that Black women survive and thrive before, during and after childbirth, through a variety of programs and networking groups. Black Mamas ATX’s works to reduce and ultimately eliminate the alarming maternal mortality and morbidity rates among Black women. Through programs, increased awareness, training, outreach, and research, Black Mamas ATX is leading the charge in Central Texas to help Black mothers get the education and access to resources needed to have healthy pregnancies and birthing experiences.

“As a Black physician, a Black mother, a Black wife, a Black recipient of health care, I know firsthand the challenges that can face women and girls of color as they try to maneuver the healthcare system,” said Dr. Berry-Roberts.

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