Celebrating Independence Day, July 4

Thursday, July 4, we celebrate Independence Day, the 243rd anniversary of the declaration of America’s independence and one of the most important dates in our history and, for that matter, world history.

For many of us, the day is a holiday from work and an opportunity for plans and activities with family and friends, including barbeques, picnics, parades, shopping, and to enjoy other outdoor or indoor activities.

We want to especially thank our physicians, coworkers and staff who are on call all through the holiday weekend, in After Hours Clinics and in ARC IT and Central Registration. They give up their own personal time in order to help others. Thank you.

We hope the day is a reminder of our American heritage, and that we live in a privileged nation where we are all blessed to have our independence. It’s worth remembering that what we celebrate today is not just the birth of our nation, but the ideals that built and sustain our democracy. We continue to hope that someday every people and every nation will know the blessings of liberty. We recognize that it is our freedom that gives us our strength, and that we should be a role model to the world.

On this holiday and every day, remember to exercise the freedom and independence we sometimes take for granted. Display the flag. Vote. Speak out to your local, state and national elected officials about issues you care about. Thank a veteran. Remember and be grateful for those serving at home and overseas. Let each one of us make a promise that we will be good citizens of our country to the best of our capabilities, and work together for a better nation, where every one of us has an opportunity to succeed.

However you choose to celebrate, enjoy a happy, healthy and safe Independence Day.

Norman Chenven, MD
ARC Founding CEO

Anas Daghestani, MD

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