Busy mom/dad? Book evening & weekend well checks for your child

Stay ahead of your child’s health and development by booking a well-child check at ARCbooknow.com

In addition to regular weekday well-check appointments, Austin Regional Clinic Pediatrics has expanded its well-check availability to include appointments on weekday evenings and weekends—all year long—adding more convenience for our busy parents.

“The Saturday clinics have been very well-attended, and as a busy mom myself, I know that adding our After Hours Clinics for appointments will be an even greater convenience for parents, now and all year-round,” said Dr. Elizabeth Knapp, ARC Pediatrics Co-Chief.

Over the last seven months of COVID-19, many children have fallen behind on their vaccine schedule. In-clinic well-check visits are especially important during this pandemic because they can help reduce additional outbreaks, such as measles and pertussis, which can be prevented by keeping kids updated with vaccines.

In addition to vaccinations, well check visits allow your child’s pediatrician to evaluate their growth and development, ensuring that they grow into healthy young adults, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Parents can also talk to their pediatricians about the anxiety their child may be feeling about the changes with school and seeing their friends, or about their child’s ADHD medication as they keep up with online learning.

ARC pediatricians strongly advise parents not to skip out on these essential visits. All of the ARC clinics adhere to strict safety protocols—sanitizing regularly and separating sick and well patients—and clinic staff are happy to find ways to accommodate you.

All weekday evening and weekend well-checks are provided in ARC After Hours Clinics and include the same services as in regular weekday well-check appointments, including eye checks, immunizations, growth charts, and more. ARC After Hours Clinic appointments are scheduled with the first-available pediatrician and include a $30 convenience fee in addition to any required co-pay. Many insurance plans cover the after-hours fee and do not charge a copay for a well-check visit.

New and established patients can easily book a well-check appointment at ARCbooknow.com.

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