Bringing comfort to the concerned

Austin Regional Clinic is happy to announce that Bruce M. Doxey, MDFamily Medicine physician, has joined the team at ARC Far West.

Dr. Doxey says, “I chose to practice medicine because I enjoy being a helpful resource for the community.” He says that he is happiest when helping his patients appreciate their own health. He says, “I enjoy bringing comfort to those concerned about their health. It brings me happiness when I am able to help my patients understand what choices can improve their health.”

Individualized care for each patient

When discussing his approach to practicing medicine, Dr. Doxey says, “I focus my care for each patient based on their individual needs; that helps me understand what will be most helpful for them.” He adds, “I enjoy providing options and information to make good health decisions.”

Dr. Doxey says that within his practice, he has a few areas of interest. He says, “I enjoy caring for patients with chronic health needs; I have special interests in high blood pressure, and the care for and prevention of HIV.”

Good food, good health

“Living healthy starts with good food choices,” says Dr. Doxey. He says for healthy eating, he usually tells his patients to “Shop from the outside wall of the grocery store; most unhealthy food options can be found in the aisles.”

In his spare time, Dr. Doxey enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors. He also says, “I enjoy keeping a vast vinyl record collection and learning about music and its history.”

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Doxey, book online at or call ARC Far West at 512-346-6611.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Doxey!

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