Well-Check Exam

Bring More Than Your Child to Your Next Well-Check

Urgency usually doesn’t surround a child’s well-check examination. It is that rare doctor’s appointment where a parent usually isn’t worried or otherwise distracted. Yet, too often, parents don’t take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Dr. Knema Rezaei Bazazidad (Rezaei), pediatrician at ARC Southwest suggests 7 ways to make the most of your child’s well-check exam:

Get the paperwork done beforehand. Pre-exam forms and questionnaires are difficult to fill out in a waiting room with your child. See if your doctor’s office has forms that can be downloaded or emailed to you, so you can fill them out carefully in advance.

Make sure doctors are communicating. If your child also sees a specialist, check ahead of time with the specialist’s office to make sure reports have been delivered to your child’s pediatrician in time. Make sure the specialist’s office has your pediatrician’s business contact information. A follow-up call afterward is a good idea, too.

Bring both parents. This ensures both Mom and Dad (or another parental figure) get the information directly from the doctor and get answers to their personal questions. Plus, the doctor gets both perspectives.

Raise any concerns right away. Briefly and clearly, start the appointment by telling the doctor what you would like to discuss. Parents tend to wait until the end of the exam to do this, but time can run out on you. Also, if a doctor knows your concern up front, she or he can check it out during the exam.

Some topics are best discussed privately. If you have something difficult or sensitive to discuss, such as bedwetting argumentativeness, it may be best to do when your child is not within earshot. If you alert your doctor right away that you need a few minutes alone after the exam, office staff often can briefly take care of your child elsewhere. Or, use ARC MyChart to send an email message to your provider before the exam.

Honesty is the best policy. You may not lie to the doctor, but you may not fully tell the truth because you’re embarrassed. Are you giving your child a lot of sugary snacks? Enough vegetables? Are there issues at home that may be affecting your child, such as a pet that died or a change in child care?

Bring the printout. Parents often hear about new advice, research or something else to worry about when it comes to their kids. Find something comprehensive enough about the matter online, print it out and share it so the doctor can best respond.

Do you need to schedule a well-check for your child? Request an appointment online or call us at 512-272-4636. Well-check exams are available days, nights and weekends throughout the month of August at various ARC locations. Learn more about well-check exam.

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