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Book Now From Doctor Web Pages

Convenience is at your fingertips; you now have real-time access to your doctor’s schedule to book an appointment at any time, wherever you have internet access.

Convenience at your fingertips! You now have real-time access to most primary care doctors’ schedules to book an appointment from their personal ARC web page. You can see upcoming availability for a doctor that is accepting patients and then pick a visit date and time that works best for you. Plus, you can make an appointment anytime, day or night, whenever you have access to the internet.

This new feature is currently available for all primary care physicians accepting new patients and is open to established and new ARC patients.

It’s Easy to Do

You can book an appointment using your desktop computer, mobile phone or a tablet. No need to wait for the clinic to open or call to schedule. You can find a doctor and book an appointment that fits your schedule any time of day.

The easiest way to book an appointment with your primary care doctor is from your doctor’s biography page on the ARC website, just click the “Book Now” button.

Select whether you are a “New Patient” or “Current Patient.” Then, scroll down until you find the day you want, and click on the time of the appointment that works best for you. Finally, follow the prompts for the appointment type, enter in your reason for the visit, and then provide your personal information.

Anytime and Anywhere

Book an appointment instantly, when it’s convenient for you to access the health care you need anytime, anywhere.

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