Austin Regional Clinic and Austin Gastroenterology Sign vitaTrackr MarketPlace Letters of Intent

Two Major Austin-area Healthcare Brands Embrace the Digital Health Era

AUSTIN, Texas, October 1, 2015 - vitaTrackr, Inc., the leader in organizing a national, independent health data marketplace announced today that two Central Texas healthcare leaders, Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) and Austin Gastroenterology (AG) have signed letters of intent to participate in its health data marketplace.

Dr. Norman Chenven, CEO of ARC said, “What vitaTrackr is doing, creating interconnectivity solutions between medical providers, should have been accomplished years ago. It is time for healthcare to take better advantage of the digital era where communication occurs more seamlessly. Each health care provider—from the primary care physician to the hospital to the specialist—has its own electronic medical record (EMR) system and often those systems aren’t compatible. This prevents easy sharing of important medical information.”

Dr. Chenven explained, “Imagine if people could not email from a Gmail account to a YAHOO! or Outlook account and instead needed to print the email and fax or mail it to the individual. This is what we’re experiencing today with our web of EMRs. The lack of inter-connectivity is a major obstacle standing in the way for EMRs achieving all of their promise to help providers deliver better and more efficient health care for patients.”

vitaTrackr is launching its health data marketplace in Austin as a prototype for a nationwide network. Brian Baum, CEO of vitaTrackr said, “vitaTrackr is a utility, it provides three functions: connectivity, meaning any data source-to-any authorized data user; interoperability through data transformation; and transaction-based consent to give consumers control over how and where their health data is used. These core capabilities lay the foundation to unlock the power of data in healthcare.”

Dr. Bruce Levy, CEO of Austin Gastroenterology said, “In 2015 it is incomprehensible that the health care industry lags every other market sector in the use of data, and yet, health data can literally be a matter of life and death. We look forward to working with vitaTrackr and anticipate widespread participation throughout the Austin community."

Dr. Pradeep Kumar of Austin Gastroenterology, and current president of the Travis County Medical Society added, “The health industry is complex with many different organizations and agendas. Only the physician takes an oath to provide patient care. Our ability to provide the best care depends on full knowledge of a patient’s health status. Unfortunately, at times physicians lack access to all the necessary data on their patients. This is frustrating for the patient and the physician and can compromise the care we provide. We have become accustomed to walking up to an ATM machine anywhere in the world and expect to be able to withdraw money, check balances and transfer funds. vitaTrackr has the potential to bring that same ease-of-use to health data.”

vitaTrackr is inviting all Austin-area health organizations to join its digital marketplace and make Austin the first fully connected health community in the nation.

About vitaTrackr
vitaTrackr is the global leader in organizing an independent health data marketplace. The company is creating a health data marketplace that facilitates the movement of health data from the point at which it is created to qualified destinations as authorized by the consumer. vitaTrackr is an independent, industry-wide utility that benefits all, but advantages no individual sector or entity. The company is based in Austin, Texas.

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