ARC physician leaders talk to media about routine and preventive health care

ARC physicians are among many who are concerned that patients are putting off routine physical exams and pediatric well-checks during the COVID-19 crisis. “We cannot forget that preventive health care is still the best and cheapest form of reducing overall complications from disease processes that we can do,” Dr. Zdunek told Community Impact on May 13.

And Dr. Elizabeth Knapp told Community Impact on May 15 that, while many parents are nervous about bringing children into a clinic, vaccine rates are dropping along with pediatric well-checks, which could result in children being more at risk for preventable diseases. Dr. Knapp was also featured in a news segment on CBSAustin (KEYE) on May 19, talking about childhood vaccinations.

She urges parents with concerns over clinic safety to reach out to their pediatricians and talk to them about safe ways to access wellness care and vaccinations, as ARC is currently providing. “If our rates of vaccinations continue to drop, then we’re going to leave our infants and children at risk,” Dr. Knapp said.

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