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ARC in Community Impact: Uptick in Flu

Since early January, Austin Regional Clinic has seen a surge of positive flu cases as well as patients appearing with flu-like symptoms. There is no question — we are in the midst of flu season.

Community Impact spoke to ARC Pediatrician, Dr. Sangeeta Jain, to find out how this season’s flu compares to last year.

The good news — it appears that this year’s influenza virus is less severe than prior years. Nevertheless, everyone still should get vaccinated if they have not already, said Dr. Jain. She told Community impact that the vaccine is still effective at this point of the flu season and any potential side effects of the vaccination far outweigh the symptoms of the flu.

“You may get 24 to 48 hours of mild body aches and possibly a low-grade fever or discomfort but nothing like the intensity of the actual flu, and really it’s our best bet for prevention,” she said.

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