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Nitika Mimani, MD, Pediatrician at ARC Southwest gives parents great advice about bedwetting in this ARC DocTalk video. Watch as she talks about the connection between toilet training and bedwetting, the wide range of differences in age and gender, and if and when you might want to consult a pediatrician.

“We need to understand that bedwetting is a very common problem,” says Dr. Mimani. “This is something that improves with age, and this is something that your pediatrician can help you deal with.”

Watch this video to get more great tips from Dr. Mimani.

Prefer to read? Here is the full transcript of Dr. Mimani’s video:

ARC DocTalk: Bedwetting

Potty training comes at different ages for different kids and for different genders also. Most kids can be potty trained for daytime by the time they are three to four years old; also, for their bowel movements. But nighttime training is different.

Nighttime control can come around the age of five to six; it happens earlier in girls as compared to boys. More than 75 percent of boys are toilet trained by the time they are six years old. So that tells us 25 percent of boys are still not trained. It really depends on how their control is, how deep a sleeper they are, or do they have the urge to go, or if there are any other stresses that's been ongoing. If a kid has been toilet trained for six months and then they suddenly start having accidents, then you do want to talk to your pediatrician about ruling out any physical causes.

If physical causes are eliminated, which is true in most of the cases, then it is likely that they might never have achieved their nighttime control. We can work with them, making sure that:

  • We ask them to void before they go to bed
  • Not having any teasing behaviors in the household
  • Having a mattress protector so that the bed mattress safe
  • Having a nighttime bedwetting alarm to help them achieve that goal

All of these factors can help them achieve their nighttime continence.

Now, more than five percent of kids 10 years of age or more still wet their bed at night. So overall we need to understand that this is a very common problem, this is something that improves with age, and this is something that your pediatrician can help you deal with if time comes.

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