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ARC Clinical Research starts to enroll children 12-17 years old for COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Request to participate in the COVID-19 Vaccine Trial at 512-225-5931

October 29, 2020 – Austin, Texas – ARC Clinical Research, ARC’s medical research department that enables clinical trials, announces it looks to enroll children 12-17 years old in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial that began in early August 2020.

ARC chosen among other research facilities specifically for child study

ARC has enrolled over 200 adult patients since August. Pfizer announced the trial was expanding to younger patients on Oct. 14 and chose a select few research locations to expand to enroll children 12-17. ARC is among the research facilities chosen due to ARC’s long track record of conducting high quality trials and speed in enrolling study participants. The study intends to prove the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine compound. 

Dr. Gretchen Crook, Principal Investigator for ARC Clinical Research, noted “Making sure we study the vaccine among all populations who will need to use it is a top priority. The virus is not going away anytime soon and developing a vaccine that is safe for all people of all ages is the most promising path to save lives and help us reconnect with our friends and family and return to the activities we all enjoy.”

Enrolling children ages 12-17

The study phases for children 12-17 years old are identical to that of the adults, including a vaccine series of two shots and months of follow up. Pfizer is the first COVID-19 vaccine trial to include children, and other research facilities around the country have already started enrolling 12-17 year olds.

Participants will be compensated for their time and contributions to the clinical study. All COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial services will be delivered at ARC Clinical Research Wilson Parke, located at 11714 Wilson Parke Ave., Suite 150 in Austin’s Four Points neighborhood. 

ARC Clinical Research is a division of Austin Regional Clinic, a physician-owned multispecialty medical group with 350 physicians and clinicians committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services throughout the greater Austin area. 

To start the enrollment process for the COVID-19 vaccine study, please go to ARCclinicalresearch.com and click the orange [Request to Participate] button or call 512-225-5931.

Strict Coronavirus safety measures for care and research trials

In response to COVID-19, ARC has implemented strict safety measures at all clinics and research facilities to ensure that our patients, staff, and physicians remain safe.  Everyone is screened before entering our clinics, sick and well patients wait in separate spaces with symptomatic patients most often waiting in cars, exam rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each visit, and ARC remains fully stocked with personal protective equipment (PPE). ARC ensures a safe environment to care for all patients and conduct clinical trials. ARC currently participates in seven other research studies at four ARC Clinical Research facilities.

Dr. Gretchen L. Crook, Principal Investigator - Background

Gretchen L. Crook, MD, joined Austin Regional Clinic in 2002. She joined ARC Clinical Research at the inception in 2017 and stepped into the Lead Physician role in 2019. Under Dr. Crook’s leadership, ARC has participated in over 35 clinical trials and is currently working on 23 studies for such health conditions as lipid management, inflammatory diseases, infectious disease prevention, uterine fibroids, and others. ARC also participates in pediatric studies, including studies in migraines, infant formula, and two meningococcal vaccine studies.

Dr. Crook, a Family Doctor for almost 20 years, earned her medical degree at the University of Florida College of Medicine before her residency at University of Florida Family Practice Residency Program.  In addition to Principal Investigator, Dr. Crook serves as a Same-Day Care doctor for ARC.  Dr. Crook is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Travis County Medical Society. She lives in Austin, TX with her family.

ARC Clinical Research Overview

ARC Clinical Research is a network of research clinics that works in partnership with sponsors, typically pharmaceutical, immunotherapy, or medical device companies, to execute clinical studies. In determining which studies to participate in, ARC focuses on those that will most benefit the Central Texas community and looks to participate in clinical research programs that look at new ways to prevent, detect, and treat diseases. The focus is on adult and pediatric clinical studies for preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic purposes.  With four research offices in and around Austin, ARC Clinical Research offers clinical research opportunities to the Central Texas area.

For more information, visit ARCclinicalresearch.com.

Details on worldwide clinic trials: https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/

Austin Regional Clinic Overview

Austin Regional Clinic is a multispecialty medical group committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services throughout the greater Austin area.  Founded by three physicians in 1980, it now provides health care to over 530,000 area residents in 28 locations in 12 Central Texas cities, with 19 specialties in primary and specialty care. ARC is unique to the Austin area because of its widespread locations, convenient services and quality assurance programs.

ARC patients enjoy access to such conveniences as:

  • Same-Day and After Hours Appointments
  • 24/7 Phone Nurse and Phone & Online Scheduling
  • ARC MyChart: Online Access to Test Results and Care Team
  • On-site Lab Services
  • On-site or Nearby Radiology Services
  • Clinical Research Trials

For more information, visit AustinRegionalClinic.com.

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