ARC begins COVID-19 vax trial for children 6 mos-11 yrs

ARC Clinical Research is enrolling children 6 months to 11 years old in a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trial beginning June 7. ARC Clinical Research experts are hoping to initially enlist 55 participants between six months and 11 years old for the Pfizer trial.

What to expect

  • Participants will be randomly assigned (by chance) to receive the COVID-19 study vaccine or placebo.
  • Participants will receive 2 injections 3 weeks apart.
  • Participants will have at least 4 scheduled follow-up visits.
  • Participants will track their health and report any potential COVID-19 symptoms.

Two thirds of the participants will receive the COVID-19 study vaccine and one third will receive the placebo. Six months after the second shot, all participants will learn if they received the COVID-19 study vaccine or placebo. Participants who received the placebo will have the option to receive the COVID-19 study vaccine.

Limited spots in this first trial phase

ARC already has hundreds of people on the waiting list, said Dr. Jacques Benun, ARC pediatrician and principal investigator, in an interview with the Austin American Statesman. Beginning June 7, ARC will start the vaccine trial with 55 children, though that number may grow as Pfizer opens up the vaccine trial to more patients.

“People realize that the vaccinations have been such an effective tool to allow them to get back to activities with their family, with their friends,” said Dr. Gretchen Crook, ARC family medicine physician and principal investigator for ARC Clinical Research, in an interview with KXAN.

Protection for children

When the Pfizer vaccine for young children does eventually get approved, Dr. Benun encourages parents to acquire the shot for their kids as soon as they can, saying young children are particularly at-risk to contract COVID-19. “Children are in environments at school and daycare that they are very close to each other. It is so much easier for them to get COVID-19. This vaccine will offer that protection,” Dr. Benun said in an interview with Community Impact. “Children can get COVID-19 just like adults. They need to be protected as well.”

ARC Clinical Research is one of 80 test sites around the world participating in the pediatric study. The research group has been a part of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials since they began in August 2020.

Check the ARC Clinical Research website for information on how to enroll.

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