An individualized approach to healthy eating

We are pleased to announce that Kritikaa S. Agnani, MCN, RDN, LD, CNSC, has joined the ARC Healthiness team at ARC Medical Plaza Specialty.

“I take a highly individualized and holistic approach by making sure I understand lifestyle, jobs, priorities, stress, sleep habits, and food likes/dislikes before making recommendations,” says Kritikaa. “Some questions I commonly ask in the first session are: what are your struggles with healthy eating? Do you enjoy cooking? Do you experience emotional/stress eating? What do you want to change and why? What motivates you to want to get healthier?”

Addressing the hurdles unique to each patient

“I understand that some people ‘know’ what to do, but struggle with ‘doing it’, so my approach addresses this unique hurdle. I aim to get to the root of my clients’ obstacles and try to encourage and inspire them to make better choices,” says Kritikaa. “My goal is to help people feel more empowered by food and to also have fun with it! I show patients that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. That’s why I also create original social media videos that I often give to my clients to review at home, to solidify their nutrition knowledge and help get into a healthier mindset with food and their bodies,” she adds.

“When we have food cravings, we sometimes just give in to them without a second thought,” says Kritikaa. “Here’s a different approach: As much as possible, try to make food decisions based on how you want to feel after you’re finished eating. If we use this mindset to gently guide our food choices, we may become more aware of how different meals and foods affect our energy, mood, fullness, and whether we are getting closer or further away from our health goals.”

In her free time, Kritikaa says, “I am a dog lover at heart, so I enjoy dog walking friends and family pets. I also play piano for stress relief, and when I don’t mind a little stress, I enjoy reading thriller, psychological, and mystery books.”

Make an appointment today

Kritikaa is currently accepting new patients. To make an appointment with her, call ARC Healthiness at 512-483-9595.

ARC Healthiness Program

The ARC Healthiness Program offers multiple weight loss programs to help you reach your health goals through nutrition, wellness support, and meal plans.

Services offered by Kritikaa include:

  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Motivational coaching
  • Nutrition education
  • Building healthy habits

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Kritikaa.

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