Allergy Drops for Environmental Allergies

Seasonal allergies affect thousands in Central Texas year-round. They are caused by small particles of dust, pollen, mold, or other allergens entering your body as you breathe. Dr. Kelly H. SimpsonAllergy and Asthma physician at ARC Medical Plaza Specialty and ARC Far West Medical Tower, recently discussed using allergy drops as a solution to environmental allergies.

In this podcast from a recent ARC Healthcare Minute, Dr. Simpson explains how allergy drops work. She says, “Allergy drops are a type of immunotherapy that builds the body’s tolerance to an allergen and reduces the symptoms they cause.” An added benefit of allergy drops is that they do not require a visit to a doctor’s office or clinic once established. Dr. Simpson says, “The drops are self-administered at home after the first dose is tolerated in the doctor’s office.”

If you want to find out if allergy drops will work for your allergies, you can make an appointment with Dr. Simpson for evaluation. Call

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