Man speaking to an allergist about his seasonal allergies

Allergist’s goal is to help relieve your symptoms today, and in the years to come


“Allergies interfere so much with your day to day quality of life,” Allergy and Asthma physician Dr. Elisabeth Clayton said. “My goal as your doctor is to make sure that you’re able to go through your life and your day and not suffer.” You can see her at ARC Dripping Springs and ARC Bee Cave.

Feel Better, Every Day

In your first visit with Dr. Clayton, she will discuss your medical history with you, then get a thorough understanding of the allergy symptoms you experience.

She then uses this information, coupled with her expertise, to “develop a treatment plan that will help you.”

Today, Tomorrow, and Next Year

The treatment plan Dr. Clayton creates with you will be twofold: offering immediate relief and for the future “because this is going to come back next year, this is not going to go away.”

Long term, Dr. Clayton wants to help patients “be able to function at their full capacity and enjoy their lives.”

This means being able to live without “having to think about what’s the pollen count, am I sniffly, did I take my medicine?”

Dr. Clayton says, “my favorite part about my specialty is that I help people feel better all the time, every day. And I help people live their best life.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Elisabeth Clayton’s biography video to learn more about how she can help you relieve your allergy symptoms and live your best life. You can make an appointment to see her at ARC Dripping Springs or ARC Bee Cave.

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