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A Team Approach to Healthiness

A lifestyle change program offering team support to help you get active, eat nutritiously, lose weight, and live healthier.

The ARC Healthiness program is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle change program that helps you lose weight using Ideal Protein or Optifast products and offers nutrition, wellness, and exercise guidance and support. The program is supervised by ARC physicians and includes consults with dietitians as needed and weekly check-ins with a team of health coaches and health guides dedicated to your healthiness and happiness.

A Program that Addresses All of You

“Good health is not defined by body size, it’s a state of physical, mental, and social well-being,” said Dr. Stephanie EricsonInternal Medicine physician with the ARC Healthiness Program.

The program focuses on your lifestyle, addressing three things.

  • Physical: the program helps you understand and accept a healthy size for you while providing the tools and support you need to achieve that size, including food replacement plans and products, nutrition counseling, and activities that can improve your health.
  • Mental: the program addresses long-term behavior change, helping you understand when you’re hungry, what overeating feels like, and what nutritious foods to eat. Social: the program addresses why and how much you eat in social settings around others.

We will also address the complex genetic, biological, socioeconomical, and other risk factors that contribute to obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Dedication and More Locations

“I'll do anything that it takes to help people lose weight to be healthier,” said Dr. Hillary MillerFamily Medicine physician and Medical Director, ARC Healthiness Program.

Dr. Miller adds that there are many issues that go away completely or are greatly improved by losing weight. This includes getting off insulin and medications for diabetes and blood pressure. Weighing less also reduces the burden on knees and other joints, while improving sleep apnea.

The program has changed a lot since Dr. Miller started it in 1988. This year marks the greatest expansion, providing you with access at locations throughout Central Texas:

Free Consultation

Call 512-483-9595 to book a free introductory education seminar with our ARC Healthiness team members and find out about all of our Healthiness plans including Ideal Protein and Optifast.

Visit ARCHealthiness.com for more information.

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