Your Trusted Resource for Your Child’s Care

“My goal for parents is to make them feel like I'm a resource for them and also to make them feel comfortable,” Dr. Franchesca Estrada says, pediatrics physician at ARC Cedar Park.

Trusted Resource

Every day in her practice, Dr. Estrada strives to provide quality care to your child, and to be your trusted source for medical advice.

This goal of trust extends to your child as well, “and your kids know and trust me, so they're more comfortable when they see me. You're more comfortable when you see me, and I've become kind of an extended member of the family.”

In keeping with the feeling of family, Dr. Estrada says, “I treat your child as though I would treat my own. I worry about them just like I would worry about my own kids if they were sick. Being a parent is not easy, it's very challenging. Let's work together and sort out what works best for your family.”

One Child at a Time

Helping to keep your child healthy motivates Dr. Estrada each day. Over the years, she learned to trust her gut when issues arise.

“When I was a hospitalist at one point, I had a child who I took care of and I knew something wasn't right. Sometimes you can just tell in your gut,” Dr. Estrada says.

Her gut was right. That little girl had severe medical problem and ended up in the intensive care unit. She had a condition that was very serious and she was transferred to another hospital. Dr. Estrada visited the family and patient at the new hospital to ensure she was doing well.

She adds, “I have tons of stories like that. Those are the things that keep me going and motivated every day.”

Watch Dr. Franchesca Estrada's video biography to learn more about how she helps children like yours, every day.

Meet Dr. Estrada

If you would like an appointment with Dr. Estrada or you want to meet her before the birth of your child:

  • Make an Appointment
  • Attend a Meet & Greet
    Meet Dr. Estrada at the ARC Cedar Park Meet & Greet the third Tuesday, every month, at 5:30pm. To RSVP, call 512-259-3467 or e-mail us your name and the date you will need a pediatrician. Please put “ARC Cedar Park Meet & Greet” in the subject line.

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