When to Use an Entire Bottle of Sunscreen, Advice from a Round Rock Dermatologist

Protect your skin “on a daily basis because UVA is always there and that's what ages us,” says Dr. Morgan McCarty, ARC Dermatologist.

Protect Your Skin, Rain or Shine

“Each day I strive to educate my patients about skin cancer, how to nourish their skin, and products to use to protect themselves such as sunscreen,” says Dr. McCarty. “We talk about every-day bathing habits, products, sunscreen, and protection.”

Some of the ways you can protect your skin is “with sunscreen, clothing, and appropriate timing to go outdoors.”

During your visit, Dr. McCarty will talk to you about the activities you do and your job, to tailor skin-protecting practices that match your lifestyle.

Wearing Sunscreen and Using the Entire Bottle

“I try to educate my patients that they need to reply more often than they think,” she says, especially during full days out in the sun.

“A standard sunscreen bottle that you would buy to go to the beach is supposed to be for one trip to the beach,” Dr. McCarty says. “You're supposed to apply one shot glass to your entire body every two hours.”

Remember to reapply sunscreen early and often the next time you spend a day at the park or out on the lake, rain or shine.

Osteopathic Dermatology: A Whole-Body Approach

Dr. McCarty takes a whole-body approach to dermatology based on her education as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO).

As a DO, she completed an additional 300 – 500 hours in the study of the body's musculoskeletal system beyond what a Medical Doctor (MD) receives. This training gives DOs a better understanding of the ways that an illness or injury in one part of your body can affect another.

“We look at the patient as a whole entity; we're looking at the patient’s skin, how they are or are not protecting themselves,” Dr. McCarty says. “I love dermatology because I get to support patients and help them sustain the best skin care as well as help cure them from skin cancer.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Morgan McCarty’s video biography to learn more about how she cares for you and your skin. You can also make an appointment online to see her at ARC Round Rock.

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