What to Do About Overuse Injuries

In this recent podcast, Dr. Ross E. HairgroveOrthopedist and Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine physician at ARC Kyle Plum Creek, ARC South 1st Specialty, and ARC Southwest, explains the process involved in developing an overuse injury. “Exercise can lead to microtraumas — injuries that would typically heal with rest,” says Dr. Hairgrove.

But what happens if you do not get adequate rest before repeating the exercise? “As the minor injuries build up over time, you are more likely to experience an injury in your muscles, tendons, cartilage, bones, or nerves,” Dr. Hairgrove says. This type of injury is called an overuse injury.

If you think you might have an overuse injury, make an appointment with Dr. Hairgrove, for proper diagnosis and treatment. Go online, or call:

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