Valuing Your Health Concerns

“My goal as a patient's doctor is to help them to feel important, understood, and listened to; and to know that it's also important to me whatever their problem is that they're coming in for,” Dr. Sarah Higgs says, family medicine physician at ARC Far West.

Important and Understood

Dr. Higgs’ goal is to help you feel important, understood, and listened to during visits.

“Every time a patient comes in with a problem, whether it may seem big or small to me, is big to them. And valuing it is important in addressing their concerns each time,” Dr. Higgs says. “We're going to do all that we can to help them feel better.”

As your health goals are achieved, she shares in your joy.

“As we're working together to try to help [patients] feel better, when something works and dramatically changes their life, we have this equal amount of joy,” Dr. Higgs says.

Injuries From Track

In college, Dr. Higgs ran track and regularly dealt with injuries. However, her concerns were not always valued or taken seriously.

“It made a big difference to me when physicians would really take it seriously and would listen to me and try to do everything that they could,” Dr. Higgs says.

Her college experiences with physicians helped solidify her decision to go to medical school. She wanted to be able to help patients in the same way: listen to them, value them, and provide the medical care needed to address their concerns.

“That drove me forward to want to be the kind of physician that actually helps the whole person by treating whatever problem they may have,” Dr. Higgs says.

Helping Everyone

“Everyone's life is important no matter what their disability or problem that they have is,” Dr. Higgs says.

She chose family medicine so that she could provide care for everyone.

“I wanted to be able to serve pretty much anyone that crosses my path. Whether that's traveling overseas and being able to treat whoever's out there, or helping my next door neighbor make the right decision on what they need to do, or what doctor they need to see,” Dr. Higgs says.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Sarah Higgs’ video biography to learn more about how she cares for patients like you. To see Dr. Higgs at ARC Far West, you can make an appointment online or call 512-346-6611.

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