Trust and Confidence Are Key to This New ARC Orthopedist

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Dr. George “Buddy” TiptonOrthopedic Surgeon with a sub-specialty in spine surgery and low back pain, has joined the team at ARC Medical Park Tower Orthopedics. Dr. Tipton also sees patients at ARC Far West Medical Tower, ARC Round Rock, and ARC Now Clinic in Cedar Park.

Dr. Tipton is an Austin native; born, raised, and educated right here in Central Texas. He spent some time in Galveston and New Orleans, working on his internship, residency, and fellowship, but got back home as soon as he could.

Of his choice to go into medicine, Dr. Tipton says, “From growing up in a physician’s family, I came to understand the values medicine represented: relief of physical and psychological suffering, community service, self-sacrifice, having a unique set of skills and the resultant sense of gratification this gives.”

Dr. Tipton says that his approach to patient care is all about trust. “I enter each exam room with the goal of establishing a strong physician patient bond in order to instill trust and confidence. He adds that is philosophy of care starts with knowing his patients and recognizing their needs. “I look toward nonsurgical care first, knowing that most patients get better without surgery.”

In his spare time, Dr. Tipton enjoys reading, travelling, and spending time with his extended family. He says that his favorite spot in Austin is “the view from the top of a downtown building from which you can see the geography transition from flat plain to that of the Hill Country following the path of the Colorado River.”

What is Dr. Tipton’s go-to health tip for patients? “Since I deal with low back pain and have suffered from it in the past, I’d recommend performing awkward heavy lifts with the assistance of another person and to use mechanical aids like a dolly as often as possible.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tipton, call ARC Medical Park Tower Orthopedics at 512-454-4561. Welcome to the team, Dr. Tipton!

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