Treating Your Child Like Family

“Each day in my practice, I strive to take care of your child as I would my own,” says Dr. Sapna Shahpediatrician at ARC Anderson Mill. “I have hugged families. I have cried with families. And over time, you become part of their family unit.”

The Start of a Journey

Treating your child as she would her own, Dr. Shah also develops a relationship with you, the parent.

“Parents bring their child in, and you start this journey with them from the very first time you see them,” Dr. Shah says. “And you watch them grow, you watch them develop their personalities, and you have a very special relationship with not only the child but with their family as well.”

Healthy Living

Caring for children means addressing family health.

“I'm a big promoter of healthy living. Starting from a young age I give tips on portion control, exercising as a family, getting out there, doing activities together,” Dr. Shah says.

Involving children in family activities gets the whole family involved in both healthy activities and healthy living. During visits, Dr. Shah takes involvement one step further and guides children through the medical exam.

“I always like to explain what I'm doing, especially when I'm examining a child because it gives them a chance to learn about how their body works,” Dr. Shah says.

Best Decision

“To be able to help children and have a special relationship with children is very rewarding,” Dr. Shah says. “I love what I do.”

Through the years, her families have felt the same love towards her.

“I had this one parent tell me that they had been driving for over an hour to come see me because their teenage daughter refused to see anybody else,” Dr. Shah says. “I would never think of doing anything else.”

Meet Dr. Shah

If you would like an appointment with Dr. Sapna Shah or you would like to meet her:

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    Meet Dr. Shah at a clinic Meet & Greet on the 3rd Monday of every month at 12:15pm.
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