Treating You, One Question at a Time

“As your doctor, I would like to get to know you as a person, and not just treat the disease. I try to get to know who you are, family life, your type of lifestyle, your goals and your values, and incorporate that into our medical decision-making,” Dr. Michael de Lota says, Family Medicine physician at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

One Question at a Time

The most important part of your medical treatment plan, is getting to know you. Dr. de Lota’s takes the time needed in each visit to answer all of your questions.

“My goal as a doctor is to empower my patients about their health. I want them to come in with questions and ask me as many questions as they want… leaving with more knowledge about their own health and how to improve their health,” Dr. de Lota says.

During your visits with Dr. de Lota, he hopes to create a treatment plan that allows you to be proactive with your health.

“If we take care of a lot of our health issues on the front end, we can avoid a lot of the chronic, more long-term illnesses down the road,” Dr. de Lota says.

Moved to Give Back

While Dr. de Lota’s parents are both in the medical field, he decided to go to medical school shortly after volunteering with the fire department while at UT. The reason he volunteered with the fire department was because of a sense of duty and community.

“I volunteered right after the 9/11 incident. When that happened, I was already interested in medicine. But it pushed me forward to do more community service where you get tangible results in terms of improving someone’s quality-of-life and where you could really provide for people in need,” Dr. de Lota says.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Michael de Lota’s video biography to learn more about how he cares for you and your family members. To schedule a visit with Dr. de Lota, you can make an appointment online or call ARC Kyle Plum Creek at 512-295-1333.

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