Treating You Like a Loved One

“Even if it may not sound like a serious problem to somebody else, if you are here, it's because it's serious to you. It may be a problem with some ear discomfort, wax, or a tumor. I want to help make you comfortable, and try to get to the source of the problem,” Dr. Diaz-Reyes says, Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physician at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

For His Grandmother

"Going through medical school, my grandmother had a major illness. She had a tumor on her esophagus, and she spent her last weeks at home,” Dr. Diaz-Reyes says.

Seeing her suffer showed him the need to alleviate pain and offer a good treatment or cure to patients like you when possible.

Your Comfort and Confidence

“When I see a patient I try to make them very comfortable, try to minimize pain as effectively as I can. And the most important thing for me is to explain to them what the problem is so that they really understand what is going on,” Dr. Diaz-Reyes says.

His goal is to make you feel comfortable and offer you treatment options to address your medical issue.

“If there is more than one option to treat it successfully, my goal is to help the patient make an informed decision and feel as comfortable as possible with that decision,” Dr. Diaz-Reyes says.

He adds, “my favorite thing about being a doctor is when I feel that I saw someone who was in need of help. And after they saw me, they're much better off.”

For Her Granddaughter

One patient that Dr. Diaz-Reyes remembers is a patient who was in her late 80s. She was the grandmother of a medical student and he remembers, “she was very alive, full of energy, and she always had a story or a joke to share.”

She saw Dr. Diaz-Reyes because she was experiencing hoarseness in her throat. He discovered a small tumor in her vocal cords, a curable condition. Yet, she declined treatment.

“What if this was my grandma?” Dr. Diaz-Reyes says. “I went to the extra effort to encourage her to get it treated.”

His words helped her choose to live a longer life. “The thing that finally convinced her is, I asked ‘Don't you want to see your granddaughter graduate from medical school?”

Seven Years and Counting

She had the treatment and Dr. Diaz-Reyes saw her quite often afterwards, including right before moving to Austin when she was in her 90s.

“Seven years later, she was very, very healthy, full of energy, very self-sufficient, driving herself to the office. It was great to see her,” he says.

“Actually, I lived in Austin as a young infant for about two and a half years when my parents came here for post-graduate training at UT. Growing up, I remember my piggy bank was a Longhorn.”

Dr. Diaz-Reyes, the first physician in his family, has returned to his childhood roots and is accepting patients.

Watch Dr. Gustavo Diaz-Reyes’ video biography to learn more about how he cares for you and your family as he would care for his loved ones.

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