Treating People, Not Problems

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Sean M. Chamberlain DOFamily Medicine physician, has joined the team at ARC Southwest. Originally from Plano, Texas, Dr. Chamberlain says he was drawn to medicine because it combined his interests in research, education, and medicine. “I choose a career in medicine because it was the perfect overlap of academics and service to others.” He adds, “I also enjoy Family Medicine because of its unique mixture of big-picture and detail-oriented thinking.”

Hang Up and Hang Out

Dr. Chamberlain says simple rules guide his philosophy of practice; “Listen to your patients. Treat people, not problems.” He adds, “The primary care setting is often the first line of defense against chronic disease. Providing education in regards to seemingly ‘simple’ things like diet and lifestyle can be one of the most important tools at our disposal.”

When not working, Dr. Chamberlain enjoys running, biking, swimming, reading, and music. He says, “I hope to practice what I preach. I believe in a lot of ways the practitioner must strive for the wellness he or she seeks to share with his or her patients.”

Dr. Chamberlain’s best health tip for patients is “Hang up and hang out! Fostering positive relationships with family, friends, and colleagues can be a huge contributor to your well-being. A recent study found that the quality of one’s social integration could have as big of an impact on longevity as more traditional risk factors such as smoking, obesity, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Chamberlain, go online or call ARC Southwest at 512-282-8967.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Chamberlain!

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